2018 Fall Fashion Trends

Misty Davis

Posted on August 22 2018

Curious to what the Fall Trends of 2018 will be?  Here you go!

This means lots of mixed up patterns.  Fashion experts say if you add at least one neutral shade or solid accessory to your outfit, you can pull this off!
2018 Fall Fashion Trends Busy Prints

Whether it be fluffy, colorful, or a complex print, statement coats can be worn alone or layered.  Add a pair of boots and you will look super cute!
2018 Fall Fashion Trends Statement Coats

If you have a shorter torso, this might be the trend for you!  Ruching helps to elongate your frame.  I also think it helps in hiding some of my belly fat :)
2018 Fall Fashion Trends Ruching  

Leopard, cheetah, & tiger, these prints were seen worn from head to toe.  This would be a fun print to match with our next Fall Trend …red.
2018 Fall Fashion Trends Animal Print

Not a huge fan of red? That’s okay!  You can easily work red into your wardrobe with jewelry or even your shoes.  That doesn’t mean you have to go out and by a pair of Christian Louboutins.  I’ve seen some really cute red booties and flats!
2018 Fall Fashion Trends Red

Say what?!  What does this mean?  Statement earrings, snakeskin booties, fringe, exaggerated shoulders, kitten heels, and cowboy prints.  After typing it out, it doesn’t sound all that bad.  I could get on board with a few of these.
2018 Fall Fashion Trends 80s Western

It is suggested to use shearling as your final statement piece.  This means layers will be important in pulling off this look. You don’t need mounds of layers.  Thin layers of clothing underneath will suffice.
2018 Fall Fashion Trends Shearling

Fashion experts tell us to try mixing plaids, not just by color, but by material (think wool scarves with nylon tote bags).
2018 Fall Fashion Trends Plaid 

What Fall Trend are you excited…or not so excited about? Tell us on our Facebook page.

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