Boutique Bargains & Southern Seahorse Boutique

You may (or may not) have noticed some of our photos are watermarked with a logo.  That's because we used to be called Boutique Bargains. :)

We opted for a name change when it was becoming more apparent that trying to do an online search for Boutique Bargains brought up way too many results for other businesses that were not us. Can you imagine our frustration?  So here we are, now operating as Southern Seahorse Boutique.

How did we decide on this name?
Southern: we are based out of the Great State of Texas. McKinney to be exact.
Seahorse: as much time as we spend in Las Vegas, we love the beach just as much. (and Southern Slot Machine Boutique doesn't sound as catchy)
Boutique: well, I think this one is obvious ;)

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